Back in 2005 we were out looking for a cow to buy. This is a serious matter - just like buying a car in the UK! You have to determine if the animal is healthy or sick, count how many times she takes a breath in one minute. Check her heart rate and other less pleasant signs of ill-health!


Anyway, on that day, we took a wrong turning, and ended up in a village of people from the lowest caste in India (these are called Dalit, traditionally regarded as untouchables). 

The poverty was shocking but it was the friendliness of the villages that impressed us.

By 2008, we had investigated many of these untouchable communities in rural villages, and found the same depths of poverty.

When the time came for us to move ahead with village work, it was to Pannapakkam that we returned, wanting  to help however we could.

The men of the village are sometimes able to earn a day's wages by taking on menial tasks.  We now visit the village on a six monthly basis, visiting on four consecutive Saturdays.  Provisions are distributed to the elderly and nourishing food taken for the children, and sometimes clothes and toys.


It is a privilege to get to know these people who God loves so much, but society has rejected.