Disability can be a life sentence in Southern India. Children and adults affected by polio, birth defects or serious accidents are only mobile by dragging themselves along the ground. A whole family can fall into extreme poverty if the main wage earner becomes disabled.

A tricycle, costing just £70, 
gives independence, dignity, and even employment. 

Polio is a virus which paralyses 1 in 200 children that it infects. It is currently the focus of a World Health Organisation eradication programme, and only four countries in the world still have endemic polio, Afghanistan, Nigeria, India and Pakistan. But until the virus is totally eradicated, there will still be cases of children like Vinodhiny.

She lives in the village of Orathoor, and has been paralysed from the waist down by polio since infancy. By the time she got to age 14, there were fewer and fewer volunteers to carry her to school. There was a real chance her education would stop right then. 

When she was given a tricycle, our staff in India said she smiled from ear to ear! She can now also transport her younger sister, suffering from the same disability, on the tricycle.