You could decide to do a car boot sale, a coffee morning, or even a sponsored run. You decide!

It's easier and more fun to raise money for something specific, like a particular child, or a tricycle. In the past, contributions have provided a mini-bus, even a trampoline!


You'll need to think about:

What to do
Where to hold it
How to describe it
How to promote it
Who else can help
Target amount to raise
Individual or team event



Use the give.net website if you wish. Of course, you don't have to, but it's a great way to communicate the details and progress of your event to your web-savvy friends and family.

It's so easy to set up. It costs you nothing, and it costs Alpha India next to nothing.



You can telephone, tweet or talk face to face, or use facebook or GooglePlus to let everyone know what's going on.


Feedback to your sponsors what their contributions achieved.