When we began, we were able to place only 6 children with house parents into rented accommodation. However, in 2001 ...

It is a good size plot of land - around two acres - and it already had an old farmhouse...

We moved the children into the old farmhouse temporarily, until we were able to house them in new buildings. In the following 4 years two purpose built houses were constructed on the farm, each to become home to twelve children, Rainbows End in 2003 and Sunshine Corner in 2005.

The two houses were intended to be homes for family units, consisting of boys and girls with a house father and mother. 

The government now require girls and boys to be separated so Rainbows End is now the home for the boys and Sunshine Corner is where the girls live. The houses are on the same campus so the children play together, study together and go to the same schools.

The children enjoy numerous pets in our small farmhouse garden, fruit trees and a large play area with swings slides, and an area big enough to play a game of cricket. (Very important in India!!)

The latest addition is a trampoline bought with money raised by one of our sponsors.

The children enjoy a varied and balanced diet and food is cooked by two cooks who come in daily.