When a major road was constructed through the middle of 
Indra Gandhi Nagar in 
the Villipuram District
, it became clear that access to fresh water was only by crossing the road.

This meant that women and children were risking life and limb crossing a busy road with speeding commercial traffic. Doesn't sound like too much of a problem, until you consider that the road traffic fatalities are seven times higher per capita than in the UK. 



We investigated the costs of drilling a bore well, and decided that this would almost certainly save lives. Also the water would not have to be carried so far. Fresh water is the major factor in good health and hygiene. 

With the use of a large mobile drilling rig, actually drilling down to a safe level was not too difficult. The remainder of the work involved mounting the actual pump, and making good the access.

Of course, we have had to provide training to some of the local men so that the pump can be maintained in good working order.

The pump will provide good service for several years, at which point the local people will be able to service it. Needless to say, the villagers were overjoyed with immediate access to fresh clean water.